Toni - 18 Jul 2013
Two Fat Ladies - Fast Track Tax
Two Fat Ladies lodgment service is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have had tax deducted from their wages, salary or government benefits and have the usual deductions such as donations, health insurance or nominal work related expenses. Two Fat Ladies is a quick and cost effective way to lodge your 2013 Individual T ax Return. You will receive your refund from the Australian T ax Office (A TO) within 14 days from lodgment of the completed (signed) return. Our exceptionally low service fee of $88 (Inc GST) applies to each personal tax return lodged. No taxation or investment advice will be provided under this offer . If, when completing the forms you have additional questions or information to offer you should call our office and seek an appointment with one of our partners. Substantiation for expenses claimed is the sole responsibility of the applicant who must retain receipts and other evidence for five years.


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